Get Step by Step Guidance for GMAT

Major Challenges You Encounter while Preparing for the GMAT

GMAT is an exhaustive & difficult exam:

Lack of conceptual clarity & inefficient strategies makes it almost impossible to score 700+ in GMAT in first attempt!


Ambiguous Free GMAT Prep Material

Several sources of preparation can often lead you to build strategies lacking a solid foundation.


GMAT Advice available online is Confusing

Many Online GMAT platforms offer vague advice on essential topics covering subject matter and strategy.

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Preparing for GMAT with a full-time job is Stressfull

A lack of mentorship creates a learning gap that causes misunderstandings and doubts which when carried forward result in low GMAT score.

Nobody to guide when you're Stuck:

A lack of mentorship creates a learning gap that causes misunderstandings and doubts which when carried forward result in low GMAT score.

How to Score 700+ in GMAT​​

Next-Gen Learning Experience:

With a state-of-the-art Whiz 2.0 AI engine, you get personalized and real-time solutions to enhance your GMAT preparation.


Developing a Test-Maker's Mindset:

Learn best GMAT strategies & approach & outsmart the test with test-maker's mindset.


Schedule-Based Adaptive Study Plan:

Track your progress with weekly defined milestones, ensuring consistency and keeping yourself focused and motivated.

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Cohort Learning - Don't Study alone!

Prepare for your upcoming GMAT alongside other students to maximize your GMAT preparation.


The "Right" Amount of Learning

Play to your strengths & leverage the power of AI to focus majorly on weak areas, studying for just the right amount of time from just the right amount of material.


Live Classes with Experts

Learn from best GMAT tutors in a live environment. Clear your doubts right on spot to get the most from GMAT Live classes.

"I never had to worry about forgetting anything or refering to any other resource because of the way content is structured in GMATWhiz and the way the experts teach. The AI further helped me reduce my GMAT prep time to help me score 740 in first attempt."



How does GMAT Crash Course help you?

Never Get Stuck - Learn From the Industry's Experts:

Through GMATWhiz, optimize and upscale your preparation by tuning into live classes conducted by best GMAT tutors. Each of our GMAT tutors shares a total of 15 years of teaching in the field of education, offering GMAT advice touching over 20,000 students while attempting to apply specific methodologies to help students grasp concepts that appear challenging.





How Will We Help You Succeed
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Personalized Study Plan

Follow a plan that adapts with you while consistently moving in the right direction.

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Learning Phase

Learn the right strategies & step-by-step approach to answer a question. 

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Acting Phase

Guide your actions to transform your weaknesses into strengths.

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Nurture Yourself

Take your preparation to the next level by preparing in a virtual GMAT environment.

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Step 1: Get a Personalized, Goal-Based GMAT Study Plan

Our Whiz 2.0 assesses your strengths and weaknesses & time you can devote to provide you a plan tailored to your skill level & needs, incorporating lessons and strategies that will help you attain a 700+ in GMAT! drive

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100+ hours of
HD video lessons

Crash Course Inclusions

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4000+ questions
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5 AI-driven Mocks
& 5 800score Mocks
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60 Hours of Face Time
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Access to Online Forum
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Live Doubt Clearing
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30+ Sectional Tests
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4 Months Validity
25 Live Sessions

Step 2: Learning Phase

Watch recorded sessions and go through our concept booster files to better your concepts while preparing for GMAT. This warms you up for the upcoming live sessions and you are in a better position to solve questions and absorb right strategies for GMAT in live environment.

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Step 3: Live Phase

Here you solve questions in step-by-step format with guidance for the best GMAT tutors. Live doubt clearing sessions further help you address your doubts right on spot, helping you move further in GMAT prep only with an utmost certainty.

Step 4: Practice Phase

Use GMATWhiz's Qwizard and high intelligence AI to help better your practice by understanding problem areas and scope to achieve a score of over 700+ in GMAT. Get deeper insights into your GMAT prep .and transform your weaknesses into strengths.

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Step 5: Mock Phase

Direct your efforts in right direction with Whiz mocks’ precise scoring and accurate predictions. Practice for GMAT only from actual GMAT like instances & ascertain yourself a score of 700+ in GMAT with Post-Mock Improvement Action Plan curated by AI.

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Live Online Course

  • Full GMAT Prep Online Access
  • +25 Live Sessions with Experts


$ 349

Verbal Crash Course

  • Verbal Online Course Access
  • +12 Live Sessions with Experts


$ 249


Want to understand the difference between Our Course offering and other Offline classes?

Piyush Beriwala


GMAT - 740 (Q50, V41)

9 Years of Mentoring Experience

Session Calendar




Saquib is a Quant enthusiast, who has been in the education industry for around 10 years now and has taught 10,000+ students! He has a Q50 in GMAT and a 99.98 in CAT. He is a very patient mentor, and if you ever have trouble understanding anything in Quant, he is the person you should go to! He believes a lot in numbers and loves analyzing student’s data and provide corrective actions to help improve in Quant.


Sunita is one of our senior-most Verbal experts. She has been helping students ace Verbal for almost 13 years now and has taught 20,000+ students so far. Her goals have always been to make Verbal very methodical and logical to learn and understand. Her teaching methodology is very popular among students, and many thank her for helping them score the 99th percentile in GMAT Verbal.

Piyush Beriwala

Piyush is truly a gifted expert, with a 740 on GMAT and 99+ percentile in multiple other competitive exams. He is someone who can simplify and make a student understand any concept in both Quant and Verbal. He loves teaching and spends considerable time understanding student’s pain-points and using technology as well as his 8 years of experience in education to solve students' problems.

Frequently asked questions

For whom is this Crash course meant for?

This course is meant for students who are looking for fast track improvement in their GMAT score to break the 700-barrier before the Round 1 begins.

Will recordings be provided if I miss some sessions?

Yes, recordings will be provided after each session is over. The recording will be shared with you on the online portal itself.

Will I get some practice questions with this course?

Yes, this course contains 4000+ practice questions. In fact, you will be getting 3 months access to a full-fledged online prep course. You will be assigned homework before each session. After you finish your homework, you can attend the live sessions to take your learning to the next level.

How can I understand the pedagogy of live sessions?

In the sessions, we focus on advanced application of concepts and hence devote a lot of time to teach you how to implement the right method. The idea is to ensure that you're not stuck with 2 close choices and are able to solve questions confidently. If you want you can view some of our previous session recordings here to get an idea: http://bit.ly/gmatwhiz_recordings

Can I purchase only a Quant or Verbal package?

Yes. If you wish to avail an individual package, you can write your requirement to us at support@gmatwhiz.com.

If I don't like the crash course, can I ask for a refund?

Sorry, the crash course is non-refundable. If you want, you can check out our demo class before enrolling - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHWX-QN6Yj0&list=TLGGf4hgEuMTYpoyODA2MjAyMQ&t=29s