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Last Updated on 23rd Dec 2021

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"When even solving numerous questions did not help me get beyond 640 on GMAT, I realized that I needed a course that would provide more than just practice questions. When I found out about GMATWhiz, I learned it's more important to focus on the process of solving questions than just solving them passively. And further, with the personalized study plan devised by GMATWhiz, I was able to target and fix my weak areas. A customized approach to my improvement and direct guidance from mentors enabled me to achieve a 760 on the test."

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Prepare for GMAT from Anywhere in 4 Easy Steps

Step - 1

Start with a Personalized Plan

We create a customized study plan for you to ensure that you prepare more strategically, thereby improving your output by up to 5 times.

Progressive Learning 

The Whiz identifies the right sequence of learning for you and segregates the entire syllabus into clear weekly goals based on the time available with you.


Clear Milestones & Deadlines

From the start of prep to the end, your GMAT study plan is clearly defined by us, with easy achievable targets and regular reminders to keep you on track.

A Plan That Truly Adapts

Unlike other courses, we don’t believe in static 1 or 3-month plans. The Whiz adapts your plan every week based on your pace of learning and other factors.


HD Video Lessons

Our 100+ hours of interactive video lessons start from the very basics and ensure you learn everything that is tested on GMAT.

GMAT Styled Questions

Our experts have put in 5 hours of intensive research for each of the 4000 questions on the platform to ensure they are GMAT like.

Step - 2

Learn Effectively

Learn how to apply concepts accurately & efficiently with our application-driven online GMAT course.

Curated by Experienced Tutors

Utilizing their vast experience of 30 years, GMATWhiz experts have built the best problem-solving strategies such as Involved Reading and Scope Analysis.

Step - 3

Assess Performance Regularly

We constantly assess your performance on 1000 unique parameters across 5 key dimensions.


200+ quizzes

We test your performance on 3 levels - Concepts, Application, and Skill. This empowers us to precisely estimate why you marked the wrong answer.

Meaningful Analytics

The Whiz uses machine learning to process the reason behind your mistakes & creates actionable insights to help you work on the weak areas.

Proactive Feedback

Our dedicated GMAT mentors use these powerful insights & analytics to intervene regularly and help you course-correct and reach your goals swiftly.


Improvement Modules

We do not allow your gaps to snowball. The Whiz uses the PRIME engine to proactively intervene every 2 hrs by creating improvement modules.

Customized Quizzes

Select any combination of sections, modules, topics, difficulty levels, and more to create customized quizzes to get 3x better output/unit time spent.

Step - 4

Optimize Weak Areas

We focus on customizing your GMAT course to help you fine-tune your weaknesses more efficiently.

Doubt Clearing

With a caring faculty helping you through prep and an in-build interactive forum at your disposal, you can seek expert guidance at every step of learning.

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