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GMAT 770 

Having a realistic prediction of where you stand helps a lot when you are busy preparing for the GMAT. The dashboard on the GMATWhiz platform always showed me my predictive score as I progressed on the course. I could actually see my score changing based on my performance so i knew when I was ready.


GMAT 760

For 3 attempts across 3 months, I was stuck between V34-V36. No matter what I did, nothing helped. With GMATWhiz, I was able to improve to a V44 in just 2 months and landed a 760 on the GMAT.


GMAT 760

GMATWhiz helped me pinpoint my weak areas and provide actionable insights. The AI analysis helped me identify improvement areas and gave me personalized recommendations and curated quizzes that helped me achieve a 99 percentile score in the Verbal section. 


GMAT 760 

The personalized study plan clearly defined tasks and weekly goals for me. The course structure, the order of learning, and the simplified approach to solving different kinds of questions helped greatly. This transformed thought process helped me achieve 760 in the very first attempt. 


GMAT 760

GMATWhiz taught me that it's more important to focus on the process of solving questions than just solving them passively. The personalized study plan devised by GMATWhiz and direct guidance from mentors enabled me to achieve a 760 on the test. 


GMAT 760

My mentor’s advice has been a game changer for me. He analysed my performance in mocks and provided me with personalized insights. His approach on how to avoid common traps was mind blowing. I religiously followed his advice, and ended up with a 760! 

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GMAT 710 (Q46 V41 )


I can't emphasize enough how GMAT Whiz completely transformed my GMAT studying experience and ultimately enabled me to achieve my dream score. While the platform itself is robust, it was the personalized tutoring support that truly made all the difference in reaching my goal. 

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GMAT 700 (Q49 V36 )


GMAT Whiz turned out to be a game changer and helped me reach 700. GMATWhiz’ meaning-based approach for SC is quite a powerful strategy. In addition, the mentor program helped me in clearing my doubts, acted as a sounding board, and helped build my confidence. Its score predictor tool is quite interesting. I’d strongly recommend GMATWhiz.

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GMAT 740 (Q51 V38 )


GMATWhiz is a perfect blend of AI and mentorship that guides you in the right path to achieve your dream GMAT score. The AI powered quiz platform with its pinpoint accuracy helped me work only on concerned areas in Quant and accelerated me to a Q51. The mentor support from GMATWhiz is amazing. I would recommend it to everyone aiming 700+.

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