Cut Down Time, Not Corners  

With GMATWhiz Private Tutoring 

Learn from the very creators of the GMATWhiz course and experience GMAT private tutoring that is just as unique as your tuition needs are!  

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Our Private Tutoring Pricing

GMAT Tutor Prep


  • 15 hrs Quant & 15 hrs Verbal Private Tutoring across 20 sessions

  • Access to entire Online course

  • 5 GMATWhiz Mocks & 5 800score Mocks

  • Validity 6 months

Verbal Tutor Prep


  • 15 hours Private Tutoring across 10 sessions

  • Access to Verbal Online course

  • 1 GMAT styled Mock

  • Validity 6 months

Quant Tutor Prep


  • 15 hours Private Tutoring across 10 sessions

  • Access to Quant Online course

  • 1 GMAT styled Mock

  • Validity 6 months


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How Our One-on-One GMAT Private Tutoring Helps? 

Personalized & Adaptive Learning 

We understand the different needs of our students – whether it is their pace of learning, their weaknesses, their varying schedules, and the need for flexibility. Hence, we customize GMAT tutoring for each one of them – starting at their level and gradually evolving as they move ahead in prep.  

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Blended Model of Learning 

Along with 1-on-1 private tutoring sessions and real-time monitoring from our dedicated GMAT tutors, you also get access to our complete online course which includes 100+ hrs of pre-recorded video lessons, 50+ customized quizzes, 4000+ GMAT-styled practice questions, 5 AI-driven mocks & 5 800score mock tests.  

Focus on Advanced Learning

To help you master the 700-level questions that are key to scoring well on GMAT, we believe in gradually moving from basics to intermediate level and then to advanced-level topics. Thus, giving your learning curve its due time instead of rushing through the topics. 

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Data Driven Tutoring

Unlike other private tutoring companies, the guidance provided by our mentors at GMATWhiz  is pivoted on data-driven insights from the Whiz engine. Our dedicated mentors regularly monitor your progress and utilize performance insights from over 2000 data points to streamline your improvement plan to ensure that you are moving ahead in progress. 

Our Ambition: Your Success in GMAT  

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GMAT is a test of SKILL! It requires mastery on not just the concepts but also on test taking strategy and approach to problem-solving. Therefore, you do not need to be a genius to score 720+, all you need is to be SKILLED! 

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Piyush Beriwala


GMAT - 740 (Q50, V41)

9 Years of Mentoring Experience


Our Faculty


Sunita is one of our senior-most Verbal experts. She has been helping students ace Verbal for almost 13 years now and has taught 20,000+ students so far. Her goals have always been to make Verbal very methodical and logical to learn and understand. Her teaching methodology is very popular among students, and many thank her for helping them score the 99th percentile in GMAT Verbal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and Refund Related

What are the different modes of payment?

Credit and Debit Card

Do I need to pay for the demo class?

No, the demo class is completely free. No payment information is required.

Is there any group discount on the course?

Yes, there is. It depends on the number of people opting for the course. Contact us at support@gmatwhiz.com for details.

The pricing page shows just 10 sessions of Private Tutoring. How do I buy more sessions?

We also have a package for 20 sessions which can be found on the page: https://www.gmatwhiz.com/private-tutoring. You can buy more private tutoring hours at any time. Charges for additional sessions will be - $60 per session. For more details, contact us at support@gmatwhiz.com

I purchased the course but I am not liking it. Can I get a refund?

If you took a free demo before purchasing the course, no refund will be provided. For those who purchased the course directly and apply for a refund within 7 days of purchase, refund will be provided on pro-rata basis depending upon the number of sessions remaining and after deducting payment gateway charges and other fees (approx. 5-10%)

My course has expired, I want to extend my course for only a month or so, is it possible?

Course extension is possible and can be done by paying a small fee. Please contact support@gmatwhiz.com. Course Extension is only allowed after you provide the official mail of your GMAT test date.

I bought only one section (Verbal or Quant), can I upgrade my course later on?

​​​​​​Yes, you can upgrade your course and buy the other section too. However, note that expiry date of both courses will be linked to the date of purchase of the individual courses.

Private Tutoring FAQs

Is there a cap on the number of private tutoring session that one can opt for?

We believe that typically, 20 hours of private tutoring is enough for a section. However, if you need more guidance, the mentor assigned to you will advise you accordingly

What is the price per session for private tutoring after the initial first 10 sessions?

  • The price per session after the initial first 10 sessions is $60 per hour.
  • You can utilize these sessions across Quant and Verbal as you wish.

How are the sessions conducted?

The sessions will be conducted via video conference.

I bought GMAT Prep, but I want to take private tutoring too, how should I do it?

Kindly write a mail to support@gmatwhiz.com requesting the same. You need to pay the price difference to upgrade.

What is the validity of GMATWhiz Private Tutoring Plans?

Validity for all private tutoring plans is 6 months. In case you need more tutoring hours or wish to extend your plan, you can share your queries with us at support@gmatwhiz.com.

Course FAQs

I want to know more about the course, how do I do that?

You can try our free trial, by clicking on this link OR you can talk to one of our subject matter experts. To fix an appointment write to support@gmatwhiz.com

I have bought the course, but I don’t know how to use it?

Please contact us on support@gmatwhiz.com if you face any trouble while using the course so we can get you in touch with an expert.

I am not doing well in GMAT. If I take your course, will I improve? Does your course come with a score guarantee?

GMATWhiz is confident that using our course will help you improve. However, at this point, we don’t offer any score improvement guarantee.

How much time will it take me to complete the course?

The course is entirely adaptive based on your skill level and target score. Based on our experience, anyone can complete the course in as little as 2 months and may take up to 6-8 months to adequately prepare for the exam. Our system is intelligent enough to tell you exactly when you are ready to take the exam.

Technical Support

Can I access courses on all devices?

Our courses work well on all devices and operating systems.

Which web browser should I use for best experience?

We recommend you to access the courses through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for an uninterrupted experience.

I am not able to play the videos properly; what should I do?

Kindly write a mail to tech-support@gmatwhiz.com, and we’ll resolve your issue with 24 hours.