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Cut Down Time, Not Corners  

With GMATWhiz Private Tutoring 

Learn from the very creators of the GMATWhiz course and experience GMAT private tutoring that is just as unique as your tuition needs are!  

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Our Private Tutoring Pricing

GMAT Focus Tutor Prep


  • 15 hrs Quant & 15 hrs Verbal Private Tutoring across 20 sessions

  • Access to full Online course

  • 5 Mocks

  • Validity 6 months

Verbal Tutor Prep


  • 15 hours Private Tutoring across 10 sessions

  • Access to full Online course

  • 5 GMAT Classic Mock

  • Validity 4 months

Quant Tutor Prep


  • 15 hours Private Tutoring across 10 sessions

  • Access to full Online course

  • 5 GMAT Classic Mock

  • Validity 4 months

By purchasing our package(s), you agree to our Terms of use.

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How Our One-on-One GMAT Private Tutoring Helps? 

Personalized & Adaptive Learning 

We understand the different needs of our students – whether it is their pace of learning, their weaknesses, their varying schedules, and the need for flexibility. Hence, we customize GMAT tutoring for each one of them – starting at their level and gradually evolving as they move ahead in prep.  

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Blended Model of Learning 

Along with 1-on-1 private tutoring sessions and real-time monitoring from our dedicated GMAT tutors, you also get access to our complete online course which includes 100+ hrs of pre-recorded video lessons, 50+ customized quizzes, 3500+ GMAT-styled practice questions, 5 Mocks.

Focus on Advanced Learning

To help you master the hard level questions that are key to scoring well on GMAT Focus, we believe in gradually moving from basics to intermediate level and then to advanced-level topics. Thus, giving your learning curve its due time instead of rushing through the topics. 

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Data Driven Tutoring

Unlike other private tutoring companies, the guidance provided by our mentors at GMATWhiz  is pivoted on data-driven insights from the Whiz engine. Our dedicated mentors regularly monitor your progress and utilize performance insights from over 2000 data points to streamline your improvement plan to ensure that you are moving ahead in progress. 

Our Ambition: Your Success in GMAT Focus 

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GMAT is a test of SKILL! It requires mastery on not just the concepts but also on test taking strategy and approach to problem-solving. Therefore, you do not need to be a genius to score in the 99th percentile, all you need is to be SKILLED! 

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Our Faculty


Sunita is one of our senior-most Verbal experts. She has been helping students ace Verbal for almost 14 years now and has taught 20,000+ students so far. Her goals have always been to make Verbal very methodical and logical to learn and understand. Her teaching methodology is very popular among students, and many thank her for helping them score the 99th percentile in GMAT Verbal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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