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How We Build An AIR-TIGHT Application for You?

At GMATWhiz, we move step-by-step, taking one-thing-at-a-time, to guide you and build a PERFECT application for you! Our rigorous process involves FOUR intensive sessions that work one by one on your story, statement of purpose, interview, and resume to build a winning application -

l. The Introspection Phase

Our interactive, one-on-one sessions focus primarily on establishing an in-depth understanding of your career prospects and identifying the key aspects of your profile that make you truly stand out. This involves asking relevant questions like -

a. Why MBA?


We encourage you to look beyond boring career visions and weak rationales for – ‘Why MBA?’.


We strive to help applicants introspect and identify the strongest, the most dependable, and the most fitting reason for why they need an MBA.

b. What are your Strengths & Weaknesses?


We understand that the Adcoms are on the lookout for candidates that are confident,

employable, and have strong leadership qualities. While your strengths add weight to your profile, knowing your weaknesses helps build the story in a manner that the strengths overcome them.

Our END - TO - END Solutions for Your B-school Application





Story Formation



Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis

Interview Prep

Resume Review


III. The Fine-Tuning Phase

After we pick out the strongest narrative, comes the pre-writing stage. Here, we assist you with the correct use language, building the right flow, and drafting out an essay that touches every important aspect of the targeted school. We string together the most intriguing details of your story and allocate them in a way that the essay clearly delivers the true essence of you! Some of the key factors that we focus on are –

  • The brand traits the school looks for

  • Key aspects of your life that align with your career goals

  • Answering various questions that the adcoms would want to ask

  • Cultural aspects of your target school

Once the essay connects well with the school’s expectations and we have conducted a final check, you can hit SUBMIT!

Why is Your B-school Essay so Important?

  1. The B-school essay is your only chance to speak for yourself

  2. It lets you share your life story to stand out from the rest

  3. Tells the Adcoms why you will be an asset to the school

  4. Justifies how the school aligns with your short and long-term goals

IV. The Interview Prep Phase


In this stage, we provide you with a brief overview of the interview process. Having attended a 7-day, intensive AIGAC Conference at Kellogg, Chicago Booth, and Michigan Ross, our consultants understand the nook and cranny of the entire interview process. Thus, our detailed Questionnaire, mock interviews, and customized feedback give you a real-life experience of the situational questions that can be asked in the B-school interview.

Finally, we polish and put together every piece of your application by –

  • Building you a winning resume

  • Reviewing Letters of Recommendation


II. The Brainstorming Phase

Since every school tends to look at the bigger picture for each prospective candidate, we follow a unique approach for every essay. Our aim is to build an essay that gives the Adcoms just what they need! We help you pick up some of the strongest details from the Introspection phase, connect the dots, and then create multiple story lines to help choose the best out of the lot!

We have interacted face-to-face with Admission officers from top schools including Harvard, Stanford GSB, Wharton, IESE, ESADE!

Our Services

Our Bundle Services


  • In-depth Understanding of Why MBA

  • Strengths & Weaknesses

  • SoP Review

  • LoR Review

  • Resume Review

  • 2 Mock Interviews

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3 School



  • In-depth Understanding of Why MBA

  • Identifying Your Strengths & Weaknesses

  • SoP Review

  • LoR Review

  • Resume Review

  • 1 Mock Interviews

ISB Special


Our mentors have over 8 years of experience mentoring students enter top schools globally!


Meet Our Consultants


Bhanupriya holds an MBA from IMD Business School, Switzerland, and her business experience ranges from supply chain management to growth strategies for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. With a GMAT score of 720 (V42) and having received admits from top European B- Schools such as IMD & LBS, she understands the admission process very well and the lasting impact it has beyond just getting into schools. She is a great instructor and very good at brainstorming. With her help, many young professionals and executives won admission to top business schools.


Having converted seven top European and Indian B-schools, Anand knows exactly what the Admissions committees look for in the applicants. His expertise includes finding where the strength in an application lies and creating an edge around it so that the applicants under his guidance outperform the competition at top B-schools. Working with Anand, the applicants bring out the best version of themselves!

Tarun Walia

A qualified Biotechnologist and a prolific leader in the Global Healthcare & Pharma industry, Tarun is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. He holds the certification of achievement in Immunology and Genetics from Harvard Medical School, is a TEDx speaker, conversationalist, and a keynote speaker at various international conferences. Tarun has been involved in consulting since more than a decade. Having received admits from top schools such as MIT Sloan, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and USC Marshall, he scored 99.27 percentile in CAT and 740 on the GMAT.