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Why choose GMATWhiz Live Classes? 


Understanding of Advanced Topics

Classes by Top GMAT Experts

70 hours

of Live Classes 

100+ hours

of HD Video


26 Live


Dedicated Mentorship

The Problem with Offline Classes

How GMATWhiz Solves these Problems? 

Unique Teaching Format for Enhanced Learning
We follow a homework-based format where students complete pre-requisites before each session from our 100+ HD video lessons so they are able to relate with the advanced level topics better.  
Consistency in Teaching Methods
Our methodology for solving questions is consistent in the course as well as in the live classes, thus making it easier for students to accurately apply while solving questions.   
Application-focused learning 
Using their 30+ years of collective teaching experience, our experts will teach you some of the best problem-solving strategies so you can apply the concepts accurately and efficiently.  
An Exhaustive Question Bank
We have an exhaustive question bank with 3000+ GMAT-styled questions, with most of them created by our experts in-house for sufficient practice after each session.  
LIVE Doubt Clearing
Our special Doubt Clearing Sessions ensure that your gaps do not snowball. Students can clear their doubts in real-time during the live classes and prevent their doubts from piling up.   
Detailed Error Log & Analytics
Unlike other classes that do not provide insights into your performance, we provide you with a detailed error-log and analytics to help you course-correct regularly.   

We are proudly delivering 111 pts Average Score Improvement 

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 What our students have to say about the course?  

Low 500s to GMAT 760

"I practised only from the GMATWhiz platform. They gave a detailed solution to every question which I did not get anywhere else. Sunita helped greatly. She trained me to understand the questions from a meaning perspective and then apply rules which helped increase my accuracy in SC, CR, and RC." 


Want to understand the difference between Our Course offering and other Offline classes?

Piyush Beriwala


GMAT - 740 (Q50, V41)

8 Years of Mentoring Experience

The GMATWhiz Live Classes are not only different from the traditional offline classes but are also class apart when it comes to other live classes in the market. GMATWhiz Live Classes offer an elaborate, exhaustive structure with a pre-requisite for every session. So, you – 

The GMATWhiz Live Classes are not only different from the traditional offline classes but are also class apart when it comes to other live classes in the market. GMATWhiz Live Classes offer an elaborate, exhaustive structure with a pre-requisite for every session. So, you – 

Course Details

How Will the Live Classes Work? 

Session Details

Piyush Beriwala

Piyush is truly a gifted expert, with a 740 on GMAT and 99+ percentile in multiple other competitive exams. He is someone who can simplify and make a student understand any concept in both Quant and Verbal. He loves teaching and spends considerable time understanding student’s pain-points and using technology as well his 8 years of experience in education to solve students' problems.

Saquib Hasnain

Saquib is a Quant enthusiast, who has been in the education industry for around 10 years now and has taught 10,000+ students! He has a Q50 in GMAT and a 99.98 in CAT. He is a very patient mentor, and if you ever have trouble understanding anything in Quant, he is the person you should go to! He believes a lot in numbers and loves analyzing student’s data and provide corrective actions to help improve in Quant.

Sunita Singhvi

Sunita is one of our senior-most Verbal experts. She has been helping students ace Verbal for almost 13 years now and has taught 20,000+ students so far. Her goals have always been to make Verbal very methodical and logical to learn and understand. Her teaching methodology is very popular among students, and many thank her for helping them score the 99th percentile in GMAT Verbal.


Frequently asked questions

Who are these Live Classes meant for?

The GMATWhiz Live Classes is an Advanced Level Course meant for students who are looking for

Will recordings be provided if I miss some sessions?

Yes, recordings will be provided after each session is over. The recording will be shared with you on the online portal itself.

Will I get some practice questions with this course?

Yes, this course contains 3000+ practice questions as well. In fact, you will get access to a full-fledged online course for 3 months. You will be assigned homework before each session. After you finish your homework during the weekdays, you will attend the live sessions during the weekend.

How can I understand the pedagogy of live sessions?

In the sessions, we focus on advanced application of concepts and hence devote a lot of time to teach you how to implement the right method. The idea is to ensure that you're not stuck with 2 close choices and are able to solve questions confidently. If you want you can view some of our previous session recordings here to get an idea: http://bit.ly/gmatwhiz_recordings


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