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Why GMATWhiz?

Revolutionizing Learning for Success in GMAT

We want to be your GMAT partner and guide you through every step of prep.

Over the years, our mentors at GMATWhiz taught and guided thousands of students through their GMAT prep. The 30+ years of collective experience helped our mentors identify the exact pain points that students face during prep. Keeping those pain points in mind, they created the GMATWhiz course that which is a perfect blend of technology, artificial intelligence, and the right preparation strategies.


An Intelligent Learning Platform – ‘The Whiz’

The GMATWhiz learning platform i.e. the Whiz, is powered by a complex algorithm that assists students through the various stages of prep.

You Get Personalized Performance Assessment

Most students devote several months to prep and still struggle to reach their target score. Our revolutionary engine PRIME – Personalized Real-time Improvement Module Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to regularly assess performance as the student progresses in prep, identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and instantly serves improvement modules when ever it spots a weak area.


We Help You Plan

We do not believe in static one- or three-month study plans. Instead, the GMATWhiz course comes with an in-built adaptive and personalized study plan for each student. This dynamic study plan updates every week as you move ahead in prep. Now, when we say personalized study plan, we are talking about a study regime that is based on some of the basic aspects that are unique for each student, such as –

  • Your current skill level

  • Your target GMAT score

  • Your pace of learning

  • Your strengths and weaknesses, and

  • The time you have available to prepare for GMAT

Our mentors at GMATWhiz carefully created every lesson on the course to ensure that they cover every relevant concept that is tested on GMAT. We focus primarily on Application-driven learning therefore we make sure that you not only learn the concepts but also learn how to properly apply them to get the questions right on GMAT.

We Deliver Exhaustive Content


You Never Prepare Alone

We value our students and provide them with guided learning for success in GMAT. To make that happen, every student at GMATWhiz is assigned a mentor from the very beginning. Students can book a call for one-on-mentoring with our experts for advice. The GMATWhiz faculty is experienced in GMAT and have themselves score 700+ on the test which gives them an edge when it comes to building strategies and providing support to the students. For added support, students also get access to our in-built, 24*7 dedicated online forum for doubt clearing.

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Exclusive features of GMATWhiz course

We believe that every student is unique. At GMATWhiz, we focus on personalized learning instead of following the one-size-fits-all approach. Keeping that in mind, we designed the platform to offer customized learning solution. 

Self-Paced Learning

The adaptive course allows to learn at the right pace.

The AI identifies your strengths and weakness right at the start to serve you with a course that is customized and truly suits your needs.

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Self-Paced Learning

Personal mentor

We believe in guided learning and hence every student gets a mentor.

Every student is assigned a mentor at the start of prep who then monitors their progress and sends updates on their performance every 10-15 days.

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Dedicated mentor

One-stop solution

A comprehensive course that covers all aspects of the GMAT exam.

No need to refer to multiple resources for GMAT Quant & Verbal. We provide the best strategies for both sections in one place.


One-stop solution

Highly Experienced Tutors

The course is created by experts with 30+ yrs of tutoring exp.

Empowered with in-depth student’s data on the tool, the private tutors at GMATWhiz platform work directly on the student’s weaknesses!

Highly Experienced Tutors


Focus on Application

The application-driven course focusses on strengthening concepts.

Not only do you learn concepts in the right order, the platform also focusses on their correct application, something critical to maintain accuracy in GMAT!

Focus on Application

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Real-time Improvement Modules

The Whiz gives instant insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

The AI continuously analyses your progress, generates instant insights into your performance in quizzes, and serves improvement modules in real-time.

Real-time Improvement Modules


Do you know when you will be ready to take the GMAT to get your desired score? Many students follow random resources and end up taking the exam on a random day. In most cases, they don’t achieve their desired score!


Other prep resources out there force you to understand your weaknesses yourself and leave you clueless on how to improve on them. At GMATWhiz, we continuously measure your GMAT Readiness, and we tell you exactly when you are ready to take the GMAT. If you are not prepared, we tell you precisely what the reason is, provide you with learning modules and quizzes so that you can overcome your weaknesses and be ready for the exam.

Know When You Are Ready to Take the GMAT

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Want to take your GMAT Prep to the next level?

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