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Why GMAT Whiz?

At GMATWhiz, we have designed an intelligent learning platform – “The Whiz”. Whiz, powered by a complex algorithm, helps the students across various phases of their preparation, that is:


Creating a personalized plan for each student

The Whiz has a plan for everyone!

Are you still relying on a typical static 1-month, 3-month study plan for your GMAT prep? Get a dynamic Study-Plan which adapts every day as you study. GMATWhiz evaluates your starting skill level, strengths, weaknesses, time available for prep, desired GMAT score, the pace of improvement, and many more to create the perfect personal plan for you. Your study plan keeps on updating and adapting based on how you perform!

The Whiz knows what needs to be taught and how!

We have seen thousands of students wasting their valuable time, money, and energy by using multiple GMAT books, courses, and practice quizzes. From critical reasoning to geometry, the most comprehensive GMAT course in the world, GMATWhiz, covers all aspects of the GMAT exam. Customized GMAT-like practice quizzes and questions curated by our experts ensure you practice to perfection.

100+ hours 
of Video Lessons

100+ diagnostics & practice quizzes

1500+ GMAT-like practice questions

The Whiz knows when you are ready for the GMAT!

Do you know when you will be ready to take the GMAT to get your desired score? Many students follow random resources and end up taking the exam on a random day. In most cases, they don’t achieve their desired score!


Other prep resources out there force you to understand your weaknesses yourself and leave you clueless on how to improve on them. At GMATWhiz, we continuously measure your GMAT Readiness, and we tell you exactly when you are ready to take the GMAT. If you are not prepared, we tell you precisely what the reason is, provide you with learning modules and quizzes so that you can overcome your weaknesses and be ready for the exam.

The Whiz never sleeps!

We understand that students may need some guidance or may have doubts while learning. GMATWhiz has an in-build interactive forum to clear your doubts. When you start learning on GMATWhiz, you are assigned a Mentor. The mentor continually monitors your progress and sends you weekly updates on your performance and scope of improvement. Weekly progress report motivates as well as keep you on your toes!

Our strategy and support team are also available 24 x 7 and can be reached via mail. So, you can always write to us at support@gmatwhiz.com.


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